Berkley Fish Spike

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The Berkley Iki Spike will help you to humanely kill your catch. Insert this spike quickly and directly into the hind brain of the fish to cause immediate brain death. A fishes brain is usually located slightly behind and above the eye. When spiked correctly, the fish fins flare and the fish relaxes, immediately ceasing all motion. The blood contained in the fish flesh retracts to the gut cavity, which produces a better coloured and flavoured fillet. It has also been known that the meat of the fish that has been "iki'd" lasts longer. This Berkley Iki Spike is made of stainless steel, so it won't rust in your tackle box.


Berkley Iki Spike Features:

  • Stainless steel spike
  • Spike length: 10cm
  • Handle length: 13cm
  • Handle width: 3cm
  • Handle depth: 2.5cm
  • No slip grip
  • T shape handle for better grip and handling