Bait Net

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Before you go fishing you will need to know the amateur fishing regulation. These are available free of charge from your local MPI office or  . The main regulations that apply nationally to recreational set netting are:
  • Any net or nets used either individually or jointly must not extend more than a quarter of the way across any bay, channel, river, stream or sound.
  • Nets must not be set in a way that causes fish to be stranded by the falling tide.
  • The use of stakes to secure nets is prohibited
  • Each end of a net must have a surface buoy permanently and legibly marked with the fisher’s initials and surname
  • Set nets must not exceed 60 meters in length
  • Only one set net (max 60m) and one bait net (max 10m mesh <50mm) can be carried on a boat at any one time.
  • Nets must not be set within 60 meters of another net.

An important point to note is that a set net may not be used as a drag net if it exceeds 40M in length.

Please check specific regulations in your area


  • Mono: .35mm
  • Mesh (Flat, knot to knot): 38mm
  • Depth: 40md
  • Length: 10m