Fishing Charters

At Screaming Reels we sell fishing gear that we like and that we test and use in real life. Many of the items we stock we use daily on our fishing charter vessels, Spot-X. We get daily and accurate feedback on what works and what is not working for the day in the Bay of Islands. New arrivals are put on the boats for reviews and test. Things we are looking carefully at is of course how the items performs in terms of catch rate but also usability and durability is assessed. We are not afraid to test new items and new techniques and we put it to the toughest test there is; the fish charter environment where fisho’s of various background and skill levels go to seek their dream fishing experience.

Our charter boats performs various different types of targeted fishing. Ranging from half day snapper and reef fishing to full day kingfish and blue ocean fishing experiences. We pride ourselves by seeing and striving to meet all the different expectations our charter guests have on their day on the waters in the beautiful Bay of Islands.
Guests on board our charter vessels will have the opportunity to test out different rods and reels and also different techniques, lures and baits, of which all of them are part of what we stock at Screaming Reels.