Gulp 5" King Shrimp Softbaits

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New for this season!

The new Gulp King Shrimp softbait has a bigger profile than the other Gulp shapes which will trigger bigger bite!

Big baits catch big fish. Locally developed to appeal to large predatory fish hunting crustaceans of all kinds. We stock the Gulp King Shrimp in 5 inch size.  They features a realistic shape with large fan tail, legs and feelers that create action on the hop and on the drop. The huge amount of surface area on the King Shrimp ensures maximum Gulp! scent dispersion triggering strikes.


Rig the King Shrimp conventionally on a Nitro Saltwater Pro or Stealth Jighead, on a worm hook for a snag free presentation in tight cover or directly onto a hook on a paternoster rig.