Okuma Nano Matrix and Coronado CDX60 Rock Special

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The ultimate high-performance rock fishing ready-to-fish kit with everything you need to get out there and into the fish during Level 3! The easily transportable 10ft 3-piece Nanomatrix rod is super lightweight and powerful, while the Coronado 60 baitrunner has a huge amount of stopping power to turn big snapper and kingfish. The kit comes complete with a 300m Spool of Black Magic line, two Black Magic Long-Reach surf rigs, two 5oz breakout sinkers, Pro-Cure Bait Waxx and an Okuma cap providing you with everything you need to get down to the coastline and start fishing!

Special contains:

  • Okuma Nano Matrix Plus 14' Surf rod
  • Okuma Surf8K longacst Surf Reel
  • 2 Black Magic Longcast Rigs 5/0 with floats
  • 2 5oz Breakaway sinkers
  • Sardine baitwaxx
  • 300m Black Magic 10kg surf Mono
  • Okuma Cap