Bay of Islands Fishing Report 4/6/2020

Bay of Islands Fishing Report 4/6/2020

Welcome back from lockdown! 

We have managed to get out on the water a few times in level 2 but the weather has not been that great so we have been a bit limited on what we can target. 

Snapper fishing is good. There are plenty of quality snapper about in the shallows. Most sessions we have all we want in an hour or so of fishing using stray lines. Another option is out on the deeper 45-50m marks where we have caught some really nice 6-10 pound snapper. They are moving around though..., but, as always there is a good variety of fish on the reefs!

Kingies have been a little more tricky with bait fishing being a little hard at the moment and not being able to get onto the deeper reefs due to weather. When we have managed to get there the kingies have been there with a variety of sizes coming over the side. Still a few sharks around as well but not as many as before the lockdown. 

Looking forward to some decent weather to get out amongst the Hapuku in the coming months as these will be getting fat.

The squid fishing has been great with some good numbers around. Some are still small but mostly good eaters and the odd big one among them. 

Hopefully more to report next time. 

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